29.01.(Mo): Travelling from Salzburg to Göteborg, “getting to know”/ “icebreaker” games to learn each others names easily.
30.01.(Tu): Small presentations about our taste in music,... what we get from our parents - biologically, behavior, taste in music. At the afternoon a impressing speech of Patrick Gruczkun about integration. The two hours workshop made us think a lot about how you should act in your life and overthink how we choose our daily decisions. The games Patrick has chosen looked easy at the first moment, but they were more than just games, they showed us how our society treated us and how we act in specific situations.
31.01.(We): Board games (refugee themed), to get a “taste of” the journey of a refugee to Europe - which is unfair and risky. This game showed a lot that it isn’t possible to survive on your own. You need some people around you to have a chance for your future life.We also played a game called “more than one story”, where everybody picked a card and it told you to tell a story about an embarrassing moment in your life or a moment where you got mad and so on.
In the afternoon we went to two museums:
  • World Cultural Museum - guided tour of the exhibition “Crossroads”
  • The Universeum - a nature and science museum.
01.01.(Th): Music workshop with the music students from school. They performed three songs and then they helped us to learn one song each group. Everybody chose an instrument and had to learn his part of the song on it. An exciting workshop for all who hadn’t played instruments before, but the Swedish students were helpful, so we had fun performing the songs.
02.02.(Fr): Blogging in school, about the experiences and events of the week, travelling back home.
Overall it was an intensively educational week full of events. We really liked how sweden is dealing with refugees and how they educate them and integrate (with) them. Also the Swedish school system looks very good (especially for refugees), although ours is really good too with a lot of opportunities for young people.
The city was really beautiful and we could even see ourself living there maybe one day, although we hate cold weather. Unfortunately, our journey ends on Friday and we need to go back to Austria. We had an interesting program circadian the whole week.